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Culinary Sciences, Inc. (CSI) brings a revolutionary technology that transforms the High-Volume Food Preparation industry, an industry that has not seen any fundamental technology advancements since the introduction of the Microwave Oven…and that was in the 70’s. The CSI solution is called “EV” (Extreme Vacuum) and has 3 core value propositions.

The first is all about Rapid Chilling of food, a necessary step in every Volume Food Prep operation on the planet. For Rapid-Chill™, our technology cools food very fast and uniformly with very low energy usage. Compared to today’s methods, CSI’s EVC cools food 5x faster, with 80% less energy used. Imagine 300 lbs. of cooked chicken, cooling from 160°F to 40°F (long term storage safe temperature) in 20 minutes. This is a step-function improvement over anything available today, and serves to mitigate Food Safety risk, reduce Food Waste, provide a major Sustainability advantage, and improve Food Quality.

The second Value Proposition is in the Food Treatment area; for steps such as brine and marinade, the EVC technology dramatically accelerates these treatments. Brine processes that take days in a refrigeration environment can be completed in hours. And for marinade applications, the EVC environment infuses these flavors much deeper into the food product, creating the opportunity to create new menu innovations and flavor enhancements for both protein- and plant-based foods.

The CSI solution is based on transformational technology designed for the Commercial Kitchen. Our equipment is just the start. The third Value Proposition is to use our platform as a foundation to establish connectivity across the entire food operation. By building out our “Kitchen Connect” network, we will integrate CSI and all other kitchen equipment to improve productivity, efficiency and food safety in the Commercial Kitchen environment. We will deploy cloud-based application content to deliver value such as remote maintenance and diagnostics, productivity tracking, recipe control and download, Food Safety (HACCP) Audit Reporting, and much more. CSI is leveraging current information technologies to bring an easy-to-use platform to automate and simplify kitchen operations.

CSI Corporate Background

Revolutionizing Commercial Food Preparation

  • Proven Technology: CSI’s early-generation Extreme Vacuum (EVC) products were launched using well-established Vacuum Cooling equipment, routinely used for applications in the high technology space
  • Proven in Food: Extreme Vacuum Cooling has demonstrated extended shelf-life, and dramatic reduction in both cooling time and energy usage, for fresh and prepared food products
  • Strong Partnerships: CSI began development of its ground-breaking products in 2016, and has characterized and proven out performance with the leading institution in Culinary Education in the United States
  • From oven to 40°F in under 30 minutes, often less. Dense, prepared foods to leafy greens; proteins, vegetables, sauces, …everything!

EVC Culinary Solutions Space

Any segment with “at-scale” commercial food preparation can realize operational and cost savings benefits offered by EVCs’ Rapid-Chill and/or Deep Flavor Infusion technologies

  • Corporate Food Service Operations
  • Schools & Universities Food Service Operations
  • Airline Kitchen and Cruise Ship Operations
  • Ready-Meal Producers (Regional and in Disaster Zones)
  • Ghost Kitchen Operations
  • Supermarket In-Store Food Preparation
  • Military Bases and Ships Food Service Operations and Staged Production
  • Healthcare (Hospitals, Regional Providers, and Senior Living facilities)
  • Hotels & Large Catering Operations
  • Stadiums, Theme Parks, & Large Events Food Service Operations
  • Bulk Food Processors
  • Large-scale Restaurants (themed or chains)

CSI Management Background

  • The Core Team has over 100 years of combined experience in Technology, Culinary, and Agriculture industries
  • CSI’s Technical Team has broad experience in Vacuum and Cooling Technologies, still a rarity in the food-oriented equipment space
  • CSI’s Advisory Team represents every segment in Culinary (and beyond), including
    • Commercial Kitchen Design
    • Certified Master Chefs
    • Food Safety
    • Agriculture and Food Processing
    • Intellectual Property
    • Business start-ups
    • Industry analysts

CSI is based in the United States

  • CSI products are designed and assembled in the USA
  • All CSI support staff are US-based
  • CSI has strong partnerships with many US-based Culinary Innovators
  • CSI products meet food safety certification requirements of NSF International, which is headquartered in the US
  • CSI has filed multiple patents with the USPTO covering food cooling and treatment technology

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