CSI EVc: The Transformative Rapid-Chill Solution
for Controlled Environment Agriculture (CEA)

  • Sustainable, rapid cooling for Next-Gen sustainable farming: EVc offers huge energy and time savings for CEA commodities compared with conventional refrigeration cooling
  • Ultra-clean, high-tech operating environment: EVc’s food-grade cooling systems and manufacturing techniques maintain product cleanliness and quality
  • EVc’s Rapid-Chill technology supports recent FDA safety recommendations for effective rapid cooling of produce grown using CEA

EVc’s key value propositions extend to CEA products

1.Sustainability: EVc uses 20% of the energy of Refrigeration, with a smaller footprint

2.Higher Throughput: Huge reduction in post-harvest cooling time for CEA versus Refrigeration; and, less space is required

3.Higher Food Quality Across Batch: Precision, uniform cooling with patent-protected technology ensures consistent CEA products with no “edge freeze”

4.Extended Food Shelf Life: CSI’s Rapid-Chill™ technology reduces waste, increasing CEA yields

5.Food Safety Assurance: Rapid cooling ensures food reaches refrigeration temps ASAP to minimize risk

EVc’s Cool Benefits for CEA

  • CSI’s EVc equipment solutions are scalable; with the broad range of CEA facilities and products, one size does not fit all
  • Time- and temp-based process control ensures highly uniform cooling and no edge freeze
  • Minimal dehydration, minimal yield loss
  • EVc’s technology has demonstrated 2 to 5 times increase in shelf life, vs. refrigeration
  • 15 – 35% improvement in product quality vs. conventional refrigeration techniques

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