CSI EVC Product Application Note
Lightning-Fast Flavor Infusion

  • Game-changing Flavor Enhancements: CSI’s Extreme Vacuum Treatment (EVC) technologies enable chefs and food manufacturers to differentiate their product offerings, with highly craveable proteins, vegetables, and fruits
  • Huge Time Savings: CSI’s EVC products accelerate Flavor Infusion (FI) into foods at a fraction of the time of conventional Marinating and Brining (M&B)
  • Supports Plant-Forward Dining Choices: Expected WW CAGR through 2027 is at least 11% for plant- based foods. EVCs’ FI is a new technique to enable chefs to create culinary innovations, and benefit from this highly dynamic market.


  • Brines typically use a salt solution, whereas Marinades contain acids (e.g., vinegar), oils, enzymes, etc.
  • Brining (wet or dry) works by osmosis, moving the salt solution into the food, increasing its juiciness and flavor
  • Marinades flavor and can tenderize some types of foods, such as tougher cuts of meat

Volume food prep operations often avoid traditional M&B due to extended refrigeration time and food safety complications

EVC Flavor Infusion Advantages

  • CSI’s EVC technology requires hours, not days, to infuse flavors from the brine or marinade into the product, by dramatically accelerating the osmotic transfer process
  • The EVC FI approach offers a new capability for Efficient Flavor Infusion, proven for both proteins and plant-based foods
  • In many cases, the EVC FI process infuses flavorings deeper within food items vs. conventional M&B (e.g., static and vacuum tumbling) methods
  • CSI’s EVC FI technology supports recipe innovations in the high-growth Global Plant-Forward arena. Many leading companies and universities see this capability as a game-changer, to enable the creation of delicious, healthy, and profitable menu choices.

The Technology

  • CSI’s EVC products utilize ultra-low pressure technology, not only to cool foods but also for Flavor Infusion, both at lightning speed
  • Evaporative phenomenon accelerates flavor penetration into food products

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