Transforming Rapid-Chill & Food-Treatment in Volume Culinary Operations

We Have 3 Pillars of Value Delivery

5x faster cooling, 5x throughput, 80% lower electricity costs
Effective cooling is a major bottleneck in food service kitchens and agriculture processing plants
CSI’s Solution: Our proprietary algorithm utilizes vacuum cooling technologies to precision chill all types of food 5x faster at a lower opex cost

Up to 24x faster flavor infusion
Existing food treatment methods such as brining or marinating are expensive and time- consuming
CSI’s Solution: Our low-pressure environment speeds up the osmosis flavor transfer from days to hours. Lowers food waste / shrinkage

Complete value chain impact
Waste: Faster cooling increases shelf life by up to 30%
Electricity Savings: 80% more energy efficiency than blast chill competitors
Refrigerant Savings: 100% reduction in leaked refrigerants
Materials Savings: 1 product replaces 4 traditional blast chillers

Transformational Technology in  Rapid-Chill™ Extreme Vacuum  Cool (EVC) and Food Treatment

Culinary Sciences, Inc. (CSI) brings revolutionary technologies that transform High-Volume Food Preparation in 3 critical areas.

  • Our Rapid-Chill™ solution cools food very fast (5x vs. conventional methods), safely and uniformly, using 80% less energy.
  • Our Food Treatment technologies dramatically accelerate brine and marinade applications, enabling new menu innovations and flavor enhancements for both protein- and plant-based foods.
  • And our Cloud-based Network Applications connect kitchen equipment to enhance productivity, diagnostics, and food safety in Commercial Kitchens.

The Transformative Rapid-Chill Solution for Commercial Kitchens

It Eliminates the Time Barrier to Comply With Legislation For HACCP & Ag Food Safety

Commercial Kitchens struggle to comply to regulations
with conventional cooling

Food safety margin with EVC becomes huge

Faster, more uniform cooling ensures longer shelf life
and consistent food quality

The Transformative Rapid-Chill Solution for Controlled Environment Agriculture (CEA)

Sustainable, rapid cooling for Next-Gen sustainable farming:
CSI offers huge energy and time savings for CEA commodities compared with conventional refrigeration cooling

Ultra-clean, high-tech operating environment:
CSI’s food-grade cooling systems and manufacturing techniques maintain product cleanliness and quality

CSI’s Rapid-Chill technology
supports recent FDA safety recommendations for effective rapid cooling of produce grown using CEA

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